Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Francesca Woodman, British Museum, Class

Dear Blog,

Hi, it's me, Celine. On Tuesday we were supposed to go to the British Museum, then class. With a a museum induced agoraphobia quickly setting in, I cheated and went to the Victoria Miro gallery on the east end to see a show of Francesca Woodman's prints. I was really taken with her work. It seems swift and almost unplanned, as if the photographs are documentation of her responding to the work around her. In some images, she constrains the body, wrapping, pinching, confining it, while in others she fragments the body by using squares of glass to reflect light back at the camera, obscuring the body part being covered. She is constantly involved in a game of concealing and revealing, sometimes covering the body to blend in with the natural environment (I believe these were done at the same time as Ana Mendietta, but must look into this) and in several images leaving traces of the body in space.

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